Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Year Later

It's been just over a year since Eric left to deploy for nearly 7 months. He's been back nearly 6 months now, and a LOT has changed. We were originally planning to get married in early December, but decided to just wait until I was settled in a full time job. After moving back to Seattle and into our own apartment, I had just begun going on interviews when we got some BIG news in early January.

Those are some DARK lines

We had been very careful, but apparently things happen! Before we even had a chance to let that sink in, we were off to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate his youngest brother's graduation from Air Force basic training, and to meet up with his entire family who were coming in from Alaska, Ohio, and England to be there. 

I love Texas!

Eric and his newly graduated brother, Brett

While we were there, we broke the news to his entire family at once, which was nerve wracking, but they were all very excited for us! Overall, the trip was kind of stressful, but a lot of fun. I had only ever been to Austin, so San Antonio was new and exciting to me, plus the Riverwalk was super cool! We even got a fancy hotel right on the river and that was amazing. The day after we got back home, we had out first ultrasound appointment to see our growing little baby who had a strong, healthy heartbeat.

8.5 weeks pregnant

Knowing we had a baby on the way, and knowing we had intended to get married anyway, he surprised me and proposed, and I've been wearing this beautiful thing ever since.

Oooh sparkly!

On top of that, we decided to just go ahead and buy a house, since Eric, upon his return, immediately switched jobs within the military, and we know we won't be moved and he won't deploy. Washington looks like it is our permanent home for at least 4 more years. We expected it to take months to find a house, but surprised ourselves and we ended up owning one within about a month after we began our search.

We got the keys!

Side note: yes, that is my brand new beautiful red baby! I couldn't believe it, but my dad bought me my dream car in late November, and it is AWESOME. Eric had ridden his motorcycle there, hence the bright jacket!

Less than a week after closing on the house was our wedding day: April 2, 2013. We chose that date specifically because it was our 2.5 year anniversary! We had a very simple, casual outdoor wedding overlooking the Puget Sound with a couple close friends, but are planning a bigger reception for all our families to attend in California next summer.

This was as we were leaving the ceremony :)

So here we are, a year after the day he left, and I remember being so uncertain and so afraid of deployment, how it would change us, whether we could seamlessly transition into our old lives, and how things would go once he was home. I am now married to Eric, 20 weeks pregnant with our first child, living in a house we own, and absolutely loving my life. Truthfully, deployment ended up making us stronger, because for all the heartache of the whole thing, we came out the other side even more fiercely intertwined. 

And THAT is what I've been up to lately =D

Thursday, November 8, 2012


He didn't land till 11:20 Monday night, so I spent the day having lunch with a friend, cleaning, and generally trying to contain my excitement. 8:00 pm rolled around and I hopped in the shower, got ready, and got in the truck. I blasted music all the way to the airport, and settled into the cell phone waiting lot until he texted me. Finally, he said he was curbside, I threw the car in gear, charged down the street, all the while chanting to myself to remember to breathe. 

I saw him standing there, in uniform, bags set beside him. I rammed the car in park, jumped out, and couldn't help but run to him, getting caught in a long hug as we just both stood there teary eyed and clinging to each other. Finally we drew back enough to kiss, hug again, and finally get into the car. He decided he wanted to drive home, and so we laughingly switched seats and off we went. 

Relief doesn't even begin to describe it. That was the prevailing feeling, just pure relief that he was here, that this was finally over, that we could start our lives again, and that our love had survived this, and was still tangibly, palpably present. 

We have always clicked, and the past few days we have effortlessly clicked back into place, routines are beginning again, our hands find each other's as we walk, we talk and tease and hang out just as we used to. It almost feels as if he's been gone a week instead of nearly seven months. 

I am so thankful this is all over, and cannot wait to keep my living life with him in it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Eric will be home SOON and this last little bit of waiting is the most exciting, most anxiety producing thing ever. I've been trying to keep myself extra distracted and relaxed to just be able to calmly wait out this last little bit. 

I cried and laughed simultaneously in relief and joy when I found out about it, and I still feel that overwhelming mess of emotions, but just trying to keep it together a little longer. I think I probably have normal fears; will it be the same? Will homecoming go well? Can we transition back into our routines with each other smoothly? Will it be awkward at all? Stuff like that. 

Hopefully no more delays, and meanwhile I'm just getting final things ready and looking forward to when I can go park at the airport, walk inside, and wait for him to step off a plane and back into my life. 

After over six and a half months, I can't freaking wait

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm moving in TWO DAYS

Holy crap.
I have so much to do still, I haven’t even started to pack or anything, mostly because it feels overwhelming. Gah, I feel like I’m going to forget like 20 important things thanks to procrastinating -.- When I moved for school, I knew exactly when I’d be back, so it wasn’t ever daunting: it was a temporary move. But now it’s a permanent move so we can  start our lives for real when he gets home. I’m genuinely excited about it, I really am, and I have missed Washington, but the gravity of making a major life decision is still present. I’m looking forward to the little things I suppose, like going to my favorite local market, a coffee shop I adore, being in the city, rainy days, fall colors, a Halloween party, and sleeping in our bed most of all. I’m excited to see friends and of course to start preparing for his homecoming, which is always on my mind. 
And this deployment. Dear god just let this thing end, I am just done. He should be home in just a couple weeks so it won’t be long now, but I just want to get that text that says he’s on the plane home instead of playing guessing games waiting for the Air Force to give him a set date. In many ways this last bit of deployment is getting easier, theres a sense of optimism and excitement about him coming back soon, which has made everything feel lighter and easier to handle. At the same time, I am just tired of this and want him back. I’m tired of sleeping alone, and waiting, and really am just getting emotionally burnt out on this whole deployment thing. I’ve been trying to just think levelly about it, to tell myself its over when its over and theres nothing I can do to hurry it up. I still can’t think about homecoming for very long without wanting to cry from the anticipation, but now that undercurrent of excitement is making it a little easier to let those thoughts in. 
I’ve begun to seriously think about what I want to wear/how to do my hair/all that stuff. I started to think about why people obsess about looking perfect, when it legitimately hit me that this is a pretty big life event, something we’ll actually remember until we die, and every extra bit of magic contributes to that memory. No wonder I and so many other girls want to go the extra mile, planning outfits weeks in advance, booking various beauty appointments, losing those last couple pounds. I know it’s going to be an amazing moment even if my hair looks like crap and my makeup is wonky and my nails are bitten to stubs, but how much more will I love that memory if I feel great about myself? That memory, and that feeling of confidence that will forever be tied to it, is what makes it worth it.
Well, that and watching him melt when he sees me =D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Crafty: Date Night Invitations

So I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest where this lady gifted her husband 12 manila envelopes, one for each month, each with a pre-planned date night inside including gift certificates, information about the date, etc. 

I really liked the idea for homecoming, but wanted to be able to do more dates than just one a month and didn't feel like I needed quite as many materials that detailed what we'd be doing because Eric will just look everything up on his phone :) I loved the idea of having all the planning done for a day out, or a night out, with the research completed, some money already set toward it, so that it will be easy for us to just pick up and go on a whim. I also wanted it to feel like something special, something to anticipate.

That got me started thinking about what kinds of things Eric likes to do, things he's mentioned he wants to do when he gets back, and about stuff I want to do in my new permanent home, and came up with a dozen different date ideas, some requiring a full day and some travel, some just a morning, some just an evening, so we'd have some variety in how much effort we wanted to expend that particular week. 

The next step was how to present my date ideas, and since I wanted it to be something special we could look forward to, I decided to essentially use my leftover craft supplies to create themed "date invitations" like so:

Using up those extra craft supplies from care packages!

There's something so exciting about getting a formal invitation! On the back, I printed an itinerary for the day (Portland is pretty much his favorite place ever, and about a 2 hour drive for us) and am enclosing a gift card to one of the main things I want us to do there, as well as a card I made that says that coffee is on me that day :) 

I'm still not sure how I'm going to package these invitations with their matching gift cards/cash as Manila envelopes are too big, and I do want to keep track of which ones are time sensitive, which ones require more/less effort, etc. I've made 5 unique invitations so far, so I'll post how I wrap them up when I figure out how I'm going to do it! I'll also be posting each invitation and pictures from the date as we use them, of course. 

I'm off to make a few more!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 2nd

The day we met. The day we became inseparable.

Happy 2 years babe, and on to year 3 :) Can't wait to celebrate when you're home in a few weeks!