Sunday, November 4, 2012


Eric will be home SOON and this last little bit of waiting is the most exciting, most anxiety producing thing ever. I've been trying to keep myself extra distracted and relaxed to just be able to calmly wait out this last little bit. 

I cried and laughed simultaneously in relief and joy when I found out about it, and I still feel that overwhelming mess of emotions, but just trying to keep it together a little longer. I think I probably have normal fears; will it be the same? Will homecoming go well? Can we transition back into our routines with each other smoothly? Will it be awkward at all? Stuff like that. 

Hopefully no more delays, and meanwhile I'm just getting final things ready and looking forward to when I can go park at the airport, walk inside, and wait for him to step off a plane and back into my life. 

After over six and a half months, I can't freaking wait

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