Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Year Later

It's been just over a year since Eric left to deploy for nearly 7 months. He's been back nearly 6 months now, and a LOT has changed. We were originally planning to get married in early December, but decided to just wait until I was settled in a full time job. After moving back to Seattle and into our own apartment, I had just begun going on interviews when we got some BIG news in early January.

Those are some DARK lines

We had been very careful, but apparently things happen! Before we even had a chance to let that sink in, we were off to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate his youngest brother's graduation from Air Force basic training, and to meet up with his entire family who were coming in from Alaska, Ohio, and England to be there. 

I love Texas!

Eric and his newly graduated brother, Brett

While we were there, we broke the news to his entire family at once, which was nerve wracking, but they were all very excited for us! Overall, the trip was kind of stressful, but a lot of fun. I had only ever been to Austin, so San Antonio was new and exciting to me, plus the Riverwalk was super cool! We even got a fancy hotel right on the river and that was amazing. The day after we got back home, we had out first ultrasound appointment to see our growing little baby who had a strong, healthy heartbeat.

8.5 weeks pregnant

Knowing we had a baby on the way, and knowing we had intended to get married anyway, he surprised me and proposed, and I've been wearing this beautiful thing ever since.

Oooh sparkly!

On top of that, we decided to just go ahead and buy a house, since Eric, upon his return, immediately switched jobs within the military, and we know we won't be moved and he won't deploy. Washington looks like it is our permanent home for at least 4 more years. We expected it to take months to find a house, but surprised ourselves and we ended up owning one within about a month after we began our search.

We got the keys!

Side note: yes, that is my brand new beautiful red baby! I couldn't believe it, but my dad bought me my dream car in late November, and it is AWESOME. Eric had ridden his motorcycle there, hence the bright jacket!

Less than a week after closing on the house was our wedding day: April 2, 2013. We chose that date specifically because it was our 2.5 year anniversary! We had a very simple, casual outdoor wedding overlooking the Puget Sound with a couple close friends, but are planning a bigger reception for all our families to attend in California next summer.

This was as we were leaving the ceremony :)

So here we are, a year after the day he left, and I remember being so uncertain and so afraid of deployment, how it would change us, whether we could seamlessly transition into our old lives, and how things would go once he was home. I am now married to Eric, 20 weeks pregnant with our first child, living in a house we own, and absolutely loving my life. Truthfully, deployment ended up making us stronger, because for all the heartache of the whole thing, we came out the other side even more fiercely intertwined. 

And THAT is what I've been up to lately =D

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